World Environment Day

Created by : VBI

Start Date : 05-06-2019 8:00:00

End Date : 05-06-2019 11:00:00


The Story So Far

''Be a part of the Solution, Not part of the Pollution''. This Environment day henceforth let us stand together with nature and educate people about various eco-friendly practices and help adopt them to save our Earth and give everyone the right to live a healthy life.. Click here to view the QR Code

20 Volunteers
48 Hours
  • Wednesday Jun 5, 2019 08:50:23

    Sumit kumar

    I can never forget how

  • Wednesday Jun 5, 2019 09:23:01

    Shailendra kumar

    I am changed person today because

  • Wednesday Jun 5, 2019 11:01:58

    Raj Kumar Gupta

    The lesson I learned here
    The environment is our producer, We should save this.