World Day Against Child Labour

Created by : VBI

Start Date : 12-06-2019 8:00:00

End Date : 12-06-2019 12:00:00


The Story So Far

This World Day Against Child Labour let's take a collective responsibility and ensure ''For Every Child, A Fair Start''. Educate and create awareness among the parents and non-school going children about the importance of school in a child’s life. Inform them how school life itself is instrumental in shaping ones personality and channelise his/ her energy in the way one deals with situations of life.. Click here to view the QR Code

20 Volunteers
64 Hours
  • Wednesday Jun 12, 2019 08:56:20

    Raj Kumar Gupta

    Today I found out about the world that
    There is still differences between rich and poor children. So we should help those poor children who work for money.?

  • Wednesday Jun 12, 2019 09:06:15

    Shailendra kumar

    I am changed person today because

  • Wednesday Jun 12, 2019 09:58:08

    Ishrat Ali

    I commit to do everyday
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