VBI-Awareness Campaign around Online Child Protection

Created by : Volunteers for Better India

Start Date : 21-11-2018 13:30:00

End Date : 22-11-2018 9:20:00

Where it's Happening : All India, Delhi

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The Story So Far

Inviting all to celebrate the Children's Day with NASSCOM Foundation as we take a pledge to make the internet a safer place for the children across our country. The Internet is a great tool when used wisely and can really enhance a child’s learning but at the same time it puts an unattended child at risk of getting exposed to the real world (rather adult world) dangers of online fraud, cyber-bulling,identity theft, racism, pornography and violence. NASSCOM Foundation and UNICEF India are committed to providing children with a secure and safe online experience. This will not be possible without your help. If you think that you can make change happen by training parents / teachers and students on the basics of online safety, come join us and become a Child Online Protection Volunteer. Visit https://mykartavya.nasscomfoundation.org/child-online-protection/