Resolution for New India

Created by : NASSCOM Foundation

Start Date : 14-08-2019 9:16:17

End Date : 14-08-2019 23:16:17

Where it's Happening : All India, Delhi

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The Story So Far

Your task is to share your resolution for India and how you want to achieve the same. • Choose your Resolution for India • Share the same on social media platforms • Plan out how you want to achieve it • Do on ground activity for the same • Take pictures • Share all your work on social media platforms Hashtag - #MyIndiaResolution #MyResolutionMyK

25 Volunteers
266 Hours
  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 09:40:14

    Chhavi Sharma

    The lesson I learned here
    We are what we are only because of our respected country.

  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 17:57:01

    Vinay Chaudhary

    I commit to do everyday
    To improve literacy rate of India.

  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 18:19:11


    I commit to do everyday
    bring change in our society

  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 18:20:04


    The person I would like to thank today|
    nasscom to give me this opportunity

  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 18:22:26


    I got sad seeing
    our elders not able to understand new technology

  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 18:25:14


    Smiled crossed by me when I saw
    my little effort changed someone's life

  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 18:28:02


    The things which I never saw before weres
    that people are ready for change

  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 18:30:51


    The lesson I learned here
    that everyone can bring little change in new India

  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 18:35:09


    The change I would like to bring
    elders self sufficient in handling new technology

  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 18:39:53


    Today I found out about the world that
    everything is possible in this world with little efforts

  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 18:43:25


    The moment of my day was
    when i taught someone importance of new India

  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 18:48:14


    I am changed person today because
    i know that i can bring change in this world

  • Wednesday Aug 14, 2019 18:50:19


    I can never forget how
    smile crossed over the face of elders when they learnt about new India