National Volunteering at Maher Vatsalyadham Pune

Created by : Accenture Solutions Private Limited

Start Date : 10-08-2019 9:30:00

End Date : 10-08-2019 13:30:00

Where it's Happening : Maher Vatsalyadham,Awhalwadi, Maharashtra 412207, PUNE, Maharashtra

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The Story So Far

Vatsalyadham - A home for mentally ill, destitute women This is a home for mentally ill women. These women are often found wandering on the street and need shelter and psychiatric help.13 Located at ManjariKhurd, Vatsalyadham is a special home for these women, created with an objective to rehabilitate them back into social mainstream. The women are assisted by social workers, nurses and psychiatrists who provide medical and therapeutic services to them. The staff who make up the working force of Vatsalyadham include women who had originally come to Maher in search for help and are now capable of helping other women in need.

27 Volunteers
80 Hours