Goodera - Teach beneficiaries how to use BHIM

Created by : Nextgen Project Management Systems Private Limited

Start Date : 25-10-2018 19:02:00

End Date : 26-10-2018 19:02:00

Where it's Happening : Bengaluru, Karnataka

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The Story So Far

Volunteers are expected to take a session on online banking for the underprivileged youth supported. The objective is to spread awareness on making online payments through BHIM app.

2 Volunteers
33 Hours
  • Thursday Oct 25, 2018 19:06:47

    Shubham Garg

    I commit to do everyday
    teach students

  • Thursday Oct 25, 2018 19:21:03

    Shubham Garg

    The lesson I learned here
    No act of goodness goes waste

  • Thursday Oct 25, 2018 19:34:03

    Shubham Garg

    The moment of my day was