Good Governance Week: Help discover Good Governance Schemes for persons in need

Created by : VBI

Start Date : 22-12-2018 14:00:00

End Date : 22-12-2018 21:00:00

Where it's Happening : Your locality, Delhi

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The Story So Far

What: Inform and empower persons in need by Conducting Social Eligibility Check Surveys / Camps using Where: Your locality How: Click link below to download QR Code for today's activity. Use the Scan QR Code icon in Self4Society App to scan and log your Volunteer hours. Click here to view the QR Code

5 Volunteers
26 Hours
  • Saturday Dec 22, 2018 15:05:33

    Metra Sachin Manubhai

    I can never forget how
    Good Governance Programme through good governance learning forums, and sharing of institutional case studies to identify good practice.

  • Saturday Dec 22, 2018 15:15:37

    Metra Sachin Manubhai

    The things which I never saw before weres
    local gov. aims to increase civil engagement with more members of the community in order to get the best options that serves the people.

  • Saturday Dec 22, 2018 18:29:18

    Debabrata acharya

    The person I would like to thank today|
    The support i got from citizens of my area

  • Saturday Dec 22, 2018 18:30:13

    Debabrata acharya

    I can never forget how
    A very positive response from citizen

  • Saturday Dec 22, 2018 18:34:35

    Debabrata acharya

    The change I would like to bring
    i would like my village a digital village