GAJA cyclone Relief work - Nagapattnam Tamil Nadu

Created by : Infosys Limited

Start Date : 24-12-2018 16:35:21

End Date : 25-12-2018 16:35:21

Where it's Happening : Nagapattinam, NAGAPATTINAM, Tamil Nadu

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The Story So Far

We are traveling from Bangalore to Nagapattnam Tamil Nadu with 7 truck loads of relief material to the impacted areas. Volunteering work to distribute and help the needy one's will be carried out.

1 Volunteers
18 Hours
  • Monday Dec 24, 2018 22:43:04

    Jagadis Purohit

    I am changed person today because
    i had helped the impacted people of cyclone

  • Monday Dec 24, 2018 22:44:27

    Jagadis Purohit

    The lesson I learned here
    help others and the needy ones

  • Monday Dec 24, 2018 22:45:49

    Jagadis Purohit

    I got sad seeing
    the devastation and destruction of the region