CYIENT associates Uppal location awareness program

Created by : CYIENT LTD.,

Start Date : 28-05-2019 11:55:38

End Date : 28-05-2019 12:55:38


The Story So Far

The Cyient Foundation has been working tirelessly to bring a positive change and impact the lives of the community members. Some of its initiatives include: Supporting 25 schools, aiding nearly 16,000 children with their education. Out of these, 54% are girls 67 Digital Centers that are making IT education accessible to 30,000 people Micro skills centers that are helping people gain employment or set up their small businesses The Foundation's efforts have earned it the Best Overall Excellence in CSR Award 2018 from the National Awards for Excellence in CSR & Sustainability. Now you have an opportunity to make an impact to the society and become a CSR Champion too! The Foundation invites you to a special CSR-Connect hour and join hands with them to spread the good work. You can register to attend the CSR-Connect here according to your location.

8 Volunteers
8 Hours