Calling NIITians to Put Society Before Self

S. Viswanathan Chief People Officer, NIIT Technologies
November 29, 2018


On October 24, 2018, Self4Society initiative was launched by none other than the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, where he urged IT professionals to bring synergy for societal change and contribute towards building New India 2022.

I attended the Townhall alongside several senior NIITians from our Greater Noida campus and was pleased to see the positive energy amongst NIITians for the initiative.

It is a matter of great pride for all of us that NIIT Technologies has been listed among the Top Five Organizations on Self4Society’s New India Champions Leaderboard. Self4Society in my view, will provide NIITians with an opportunity to enhance collaboration and bring about a larger societal change. It will provide NIITians an opportunity to contribute to initiatives such as Cleaning India, Community Welfare Drives, Creating Digital India, Creating Digital Literacy, and Creating Financial Awareness.

The Self4Society movement resonates extremely well with NTL’s core values and outlook towards the critical issue of Corporate Social Responsibility or giving back to society. The Values and Beliefs document that we articulated at the time of inception of NIIT, remains the DNA of the organization and the key driver of our existing CSR and employee volunteering efforts. The document lays emphasis on the fact that all of us have to ensure that in any association with society, society benefits more than what it gives to us.

Interestingly, our own efforts in the domain of CSR are targeted at providing Education and increasing Employability. We help create IT skills and Digital Literacy awareness and train and upskill unemployed and underplayed youths to enhance their employability quotient, get better jobs and sustain their lives. Over the last three decades we have also been making a difference in Government Educational Institutions by adopting schools and scaling their infrastructure.

It has always been the endeavor of NIITians to put the best foot forward when it comes to meeting our CSR goals, and we ensure that we support them in their CSR efforts. As an organization, we provide volunteers four days of paid leave to contribute their time for development of society.

At this point, it would be relevant to talk about our internal platform, iGive which along with the newly introduced Self4Society, provides opportunities for NIITians to contribute to various volunteering campaigns.

It is this sensitization to social causes that show us to be a company with a heart and our NIITians are privileged to contribute in giving back to society through this initiative. And it is this passion and heartwarming spirit that we will demonstrate as we contribute to the Self4Society movement, touching and making a difference to many lives.