River Cleaning Activity

Created by : KPIT Technologies Limited

Start Date : 05-12-2019 15:00:00

End Date : 05-12-2019 23:00:00

Where it's Happening : Pune, PUNE, Maharashtra

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The Story So Far

jeevitnadi Living River Foundation’ is an organization which is run by ‘Volunteers’. As we all know, reviving river is responsibility of every citizen. We always need many helping hands for cleanup activities, social media handling and coordination. We all invite you to join us and become a driving force in the work of reviving natural, social and economical environment of the world.

23 Volunteers
166 Hours
  • Thursday Dec 5, 2019 15:02:06

    Santosh Sandbhor

    I commit to do everyday
    avoid usage of toxic waste which will end up river

  • Thursday Dec 5, 2019 15:03:33

    Santosh Sandbhor

    Smiled crossed by me when I saw
    my team of 40 engineers turning up for the activity on a weekend early morning

  • Thursday Dec 5, 2019 15:13:11

    priya shankar

    The lesson I learned here
    It is easy to complain but difficult to work and make things right

  • Thursday Dec 5, 2019 16:22:48

    Rajashri Warade

    The lesson I learned here
    Doing something for society creates real happiness.

  • Friday Dec 6, 2019 18:51:30

    Anisha Francis Fernandise

    I commit to do everyday
    small changes in ny lifestyle to avoid waste that lands up in our rivers.