#Building Networks for People with D-Link

Sudhanshu Ojha AVP-Government Affairs, CSR & D-Link Academy, D-Link India Ltd.
April 4, 2019


During the course of its journey from a small enterprise or a start-up to becoming a big conglomerate, a typical company has to deal, partner or engage with various stakeholders including government, employees, vendors, suppliers, investors, shareholders, customers, other firms and even the society at large. Society is a part of the business ecosystem, and until the enforcement of CSR Act, they were not given their due importance by the corporate sector despite the fact that the growth of any industry is not possible without active support from society. Therefore, the objective of the Government while passing the law was to ensure that corporate sector partners with public sector in solving India’s complex social development issues.


D-Link Foundation – The Corporate Social Responsibility

The D-Link Foundation aims to improve socioeconomic conditions in communities across India by increasing access to education and career opportunities, supporting the development of an educated ICT workforce, and promoting the growth of the ICT industry. Preparing students for ICT careers while improving economic opportunities in communities in India. D-Link aims to help bridge the digital divide by extending learning opportunities to students in developing countries and those with disabilities and it also empowers women by supporting their professional development and encouraging gender equality within the ICT industry.

Our program teaches students how to design, maintain and troubleshoot computer networks. Students are prepared to pursue entry-level ICT jobs. Additional education, and globally recognized certifications so they can maintain any Networks that form the backbone of our Modern digital global society.

D-Link Foundation equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to learn industry recognized certifications and fill an estimated eight million networking jobs around the world.

Our social vision is a part of the business vision. We believe that businesses have a responsibility to operate in ways that respect and ultimately benefit people, communities, and the planet we live on; we call this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our core CSR philosophy is that Impact multiplies whenever human and technology networks combine to solve a problem.

This is why we approach CSR the same way we approach business—by applying our technology, employee expertise, and partnerships. We are focused on four primary goals: improving the well-being of people and communities around the world, reducing our environmental impact and helping our customers do the same, conducting our business ethically, creating a workplace where our employees thrive.

On 24th Oct, 2018, our PM Shri Narendra Modi launched Self4Society campaign by involving all IT Companies across country, with the theme of building synergies between corporate volunteering for National Causes. D-Link has played active role by successfully volunteering 41 events in a short span of time including grand celebration of International Volunteers Day on 5th Dec 2018 along with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) Team at Mumbai.

We have plan and rolling plan. We have targeted goals in every area with measurement metrics. We have planned to visit every Gram Panchayat/Block by involving nearest Educational Campuses/D-Link Partner’s to demonstrate and educate them by Self4Society with D-Link to enhance given below National Causes:

  • Impart E-Commerce Skills, Business Skills, or other training workshops to promote GeM Platform.
  • Furthering Digital Literacy
  • Creating a Swachh Bharat
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Women and Child empowerment
  • Social Security


Networks of D-Link Community

D-Link Community: D-Link® employees; D-Link Academy instructors, administrators, students, and alumni; government agencies; schools; universities; businesses; non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profits.

D-Link partners with schools, colleges and universities, governments, non-profit organizations to deliver D-Link Academy courses. These partners provide classroom space, computer lab equipment, and qualified instructors. D-Link provides the curricula, network simulation and visualization tools, online assessments, professional development for instructors, and more. Five thousand instructors will teach 0.1 million students each year at 1000 academies across the globe.

D-Link Networks: D-Link Network is a class-room courses and assessments. D-Link class-room learning and collaboration environment, D-Link entrepreneurship course, D-Link Club, D-Link Academy, D-Link community.


D-Link Network + D-Link Community + You = Success



Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals are in demand, but many people lack the training that could prepare them for ICT jobs. Worldwide, all industries are experiencing a shortage of people who are qualified to design, install, secure, and manage their computer networks. But many people lack the knowledge and practical experience that could prepare them for these in-demand jobs. In addition, the ways in which we teach and learn need to reflect our technology-driven society and incorporate tools that can enrich the learning process and inspire deeper student engagement.


70%     Students can obtain a new or better job, increased responsibilities, or a higher salary by increasing their Employability Index.

50%     Women in a joint program can get benefited.

100%   Scale up and Skilled for a job reediness from day one.



“Because of D-Link Academy … I am able to dream and hope for a better tomorrow for myself and my family.

In my village, many people who did not know about D-Link are today finding it to be a

career of choice because they see me, a life transformed and hopes renewed.”

Harsh Pandey, D-Link Academy


D-Link Academy encourages inclusive economic growth in communities by providing highly skilled professionals to support local industries. And by embracing the latest advances in technology to create an interactive and rich learning experience, D-Link Academy sets a standard for technology use in ICT education.